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Doc Ock Review

Doc Ock
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 8
Figures like this is why I liked the Marvel Legends figures. Even bland dumpy designs like this classic Dr Octopus were given the works and imbued with all the articulation they could stuff into it! I mean, WOW! Even the thumbs move!

The Doc stands-in at about 5.5 inches of muscular munchkiny mass. He's short but he looks like he could definitely kick your bum. The paint and colors are basic, the green is molded in that color with some yellow-green dry-brushing and the gloves/boots/belt are painted a burnt-yellow. The head is also painted and the expression on the face is hilarious! Doc Ock is either wincing or grinning or sneezing or worse, use your imagination. The glasses are glued-on, I guess so they don't fall off while he's doing...whatever it is that expression suggests he's doing.

I think it's kinda creepy that the tentacles are coming right out of his back, no harness or anything. Each one of those things is a whopping 10 inches long! They are super poseable too! Each prong has 2 POA, the claw itself can swivel, the shaft is flexible and keeps it's shape, and it also swivels in the Doc's back. That's crazy! And the tentacles are detailed too, nothing bland about them! They are removable too, they can be popped-out of the back.

Dr Octopus has all ML articulation except for an ab-crunch and the ankles don't rock side-ways (that would make him unstable I think with the tentacles on). For some reason his thumbs are poseable! They swivel horizontally, they're great for holding stuff securely. And best of all, the gloves are generic enough to easily use for customizing! I guess it's kinda wierd to get excited over thumbs, but it's so cool! :P

I think you can justify spending the money on this figure, especially if you're a customizer/caster. Maybe even just the novelty value alone is enough to get him, he looks like one of the 3 Stooges.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Sarresh - Thursday, February 5, 2009
This figure is awesome.

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