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Cyclonus with Nightstick (G1 Series) Review

Cyclonus with Nightstick (G1 Series)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
After the non-airbrushed photo's of Cyclonus were released, I didn't intend to get him, turned of by his duller color and oddly two-toned legs but I broke down, deciding if I had Galvatron, I might as well get Cyclonus to go along with him. Can't have Mr. Burns without Mr. Smithers, right? I was supprised at the over all quality for Cyclonus. The two-tone legs are still annoying, but just barely noticable and I wish he had just a little brighter color scheme but he is still a great toy. The design is spectacular and I've fallen in love with his forarms which look like big puffy sleeves which I think is hilarious. Suprisingly, his bunny-ears aren't made of super soft plastic, just semi-flexable. He has a good range of motion and good balance, so he won't fall over too much.

The Spaceship mode is also a nice update and holds up nice and tight, thought the wings are a bit of a pain to get to stick together. A small hole on top of the cockpit allows you to attach Nightstick as an extra weapon.

Nightstick is an interesting updat, having more articulation that previous Target/Head/Power/Masters, Nightstick has swivel hips, hinge elbows and swivel shoulders. In his gun mode, he can be held in only Cyclonus right hand, but if you keep one of the hands turned inward, a slit on them allows Nightstick to replace either hand similair to how Targetmasters worked in the Japanese Headmasters cartoon.

Overall, Cyclonus gets four and a half stars out of five.

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