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Optimus Prime (Cybertron Mode) Review

Optimus Prime (Cybertron Mode)
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
I missed this guy on almost every oportunity that presented itself and when I finally wanted him, he was sold out! On a trip out of town, I found him amongst a pile of other first wave shelfwarmers and picked him up. As expected, it's a truly fine toy that suffers from the main flaw of most early Animated action figures: sloppy and sticky paint. On the limbs, paint is not the issue, but on the torso. The windsheild chest has the edge and sides of it painted red, but it is either too thick or too thin in places and on the right, well I guess the closest it could come to human anatimy, pectoral looks like either a spill of silver paint or red paint stratched away to show silver plastic, though I'm putting my money on the former. These are easily fixed, but still pain and shows off the poor quality control on the first wave. Other than that, Optimus is a great toy.

No major kibble means a streamlined and fluid robot mode with almost unrestrained articulation which is honstly some of the best this side of Prowl. The knees are a combo swivel-hinge, the hips and shoulders are ball joints, and the elbows are ball-swivel for virtue of his transformation scheme which is pretty much what you'd expect from someone named Optimus Prime. The rear wheels becomes the legs, cab becomes the chest and back and side form his arms with the head popping up but manages to do it in a new way so you do not get bored with it.

As I mentioned previously, this guy has great articulation which actually lets you have him weild his axe double-handed! Though this does limit the number of ways you can move the arms, it's still effect for a good jump-attack or a more dignifed stance with the axe held upside down. The axe is also a very neat feature. The axe is first packaged as a dual-bladed battle axe, but the heads can be folded togther and a smaller peice raised from the back of the head to give it a much more show-accurate appearance. In fact, the closest any Optimus Prime figure from the Animated series has! Another mode is a combination of the roof of the truck mode spread apart and latched onto the axe, making a much larger, more devastating weapon.

The roof can also be attached to Optimus' arm like a shield, but it doesn't really hold all that well and tends to just fall off.

Over all, Optimus Prime gets four stars out of five. Just some minor paint touch-ups would have given this guy a higher score.

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