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Unicron (Armada Series) (Toys R Us) Review

Unicron (Armada Series) (Toys R Us)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Exclusives
Originally released as part of the Armada series, Unicron is the first Planet-former and the first representation of the Great Devourer in toy form. Rereleased as a Toys R Us exclusive, he does not disappoint. Eighteen inches tall in robot mode, Unicron is the second largest Transformer ever made, baring the Fortress Maximus mold. 28 Minicon powerlink ports are available for use in his Planet mode and 31 in robot mode not counting the three storage ports hidden in his shins and translucent stomach! Each hand is fully articulated and the right hand made of translucent plastic to allow an LED to light it up when the hand is pushed down. A button on his head can be pressed to make his eyes flash. Only three gimmick that uses Minicons is on his back in robot mode. Attaching a Minicon to the port will cause his chest to open and a massive cannon to extend and fire a single missile but the reliability of the gimmick must be called into question as a lot of times I've had to finish it myself. Two more a twin triple missile launchers put in place on his calves. Attach a minicon and push forward and watch the missiles fly.

The transformation from Planet to Robot mode is hard, but not impossible, the main problem is the ring portion which I keep messing up and attaching the mouth portion of his planet form. Speaking of which, in Robot mode, those sections are supposed to hang behind his back, but this messes up the wing set up that is used for the rings and makes it harder for them to stay in place so I just remove them whole sale.

His planet mode is an impressive piece of work with some beautiful detailing. Dead End, Unicrons Minicon partner/mini-death star, is supposed to attach to an indentation on his side but he doesn't hold very well so I just stick him on the ring.

Overall, the plastic is good quality and the paint application is well done so I'm going to give Unicron four and a half stars out of five.

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User Comments
wesr - Friday, April 3, 2009
yeah. personally i want a unicron that is totally planet shaped like Primus in the cybertron series so he looks movie accurate. Guess i could start sculpting one as a kit for people lol.
Collector1 - Friday, April 3, 2009
Wait, what do you mean by "no back end"? Do you mean the flat part made up of his legs?
wesr - Friday, February 27, 2009
the only complaint i have with the unicron mold is he has no back end. I''d have rather they''d remade him like Primus where he is a complete planet.

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