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Mutt (with Junkyard) Review

Mutt (with Junkyard)
G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) - Wave 10
I saw this guy when I was shopping around to hopefully find part of a potential trade, but when that fell through, I picked him up cheap like most Joe's and left happy with what I found, but sad that I couldn't find the thing for him. Either way, Mutt is awesome. Possible because he has a passing resemblance to Burt Reynolds. Mutt has all the standard articulation for modern Joe figures but his abdominal joint is negated because of his vest which you could probably take off, but I figure that you would have to just cut through it.

He has two weapons, a silenced automatic pistol and a night stick which fit into the right and left hands respectivly the best. His left hand is encased in a thick black glove used for training attack dogs. His helmet has a detachable muzzle or air filter thing. The paint is good and no joint problems so that is a big plus.

Junkyard, while depicted as a dobermen on the packaging, is a rotweiler. The paint is clean and the sculpting detailed enough to tell what is what. The leash on his neck can fit best into Mutt's left hand.

Overall, Mutt and Junkyard get four and a half stars out of five.

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