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Chun Li Review

Chun Li
Capcom vs SNK 2 (Capcom)
This is the Chun Li that came in the Capcom vs SNK 2-pack, along with some other big-boobed chick. This figure, is I'm guessing, about the same scale as the new SF4 figures, only it's way more pleasing to look at than the Chun Li planned for that line, heh.

Chuns stands a skosh under 7 inches tall, making this in-scale with lots of 7-inch scale lines. This figure is ridiculously poseable, as all fighting characters should be, ideally. The pictures here should show most of the articulation, but the less obvious ones are: Ball-joint waist, ball-joint shoulders, bicep swivels, and ankles (they rock sideways, but not back and forth for some reason). The hands pop-off, so I'm guessing she's supposed to have an extra set (I got this one loose). They slip off VERY easily, there's nothing really keeping them in the hole other than friction, the rod that slips into the wrist is all smooth, not even any ridges on it to create more friction. The wrist-spikes are removable if you take the hands off. Also, the upper-body pops off easily as well! The skirt is not glued and slips off when you pop apart the body, so maybe there's supposed to be an alternate skirt as well? The head pops off easily as well, but I think that's just sick ol' me popping parts off, hah.

All the articulation you could want is present, except for the ankle-thing. The upper-body tilts around, the shoulders can move freely despite the puffy dress (it's flexible), and Chun Li can kick in any direction thanks to that crazy-bum ball-joint/swivel-hinge type joint, it's awesome! I love this kind of hip-joint, it minimizes paint-rub when customizing and looks natural too!

This figure is a lot more stylish than the SOTA version, take that as you will. This figure looks a lot more realistic and geared towards collectors, based on how easily the body-parts pop apart, lol. You can't play with this figure too roughly without splitting it in half or having a hand fly off, of course, this may just be a problem with this particular figure. The legs might be a little too thick, but that's acceptable, how else could she do that blinding Lightning Kick! The face is very pretty, she looks like a woman as opposed to the more child-like SOTA version. The paint apps are fantastic, the skin and legs are shaded by airbrush. The white dress has a pearly satin effect.

I'm not putting down SOTA at all, I'm collecting all their SF figures, this Chun Li is just fantastic! And I heard there were other SF characters made to match this line, I'd love to see those! A Cammy in this style would be a dream come true!

If you want the blue version of Chun Li, you have to buy the single-boxed figure. It's not too bad, you can find it for around $15, which is about the price of a DC Direct figure, which is just fine because this surpasses a DC figure by leaps and bounds!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
wesr - Tuesday, March 3, 2009
I actually like her figure more than Chun-li. Never been a chunli fan other than in the 90s street fighter animated movie. I wish someplace around here carried these things. I''m gonna have to get in the car one weekday and do the 2 hour round trip drive to Toys R Us.
MrGore - Saturday, February 28, 2009
I hink the big boobed chick name is May, thought, I''d let you know.
wesr - Friday, February 27, 2009
lol. It does look like we''re getting the finger. There''s a mod for you, an obsene gesture CHunli lol. Doc, what''s the other girl with huge boobs look like?
Dr Nightmare - Friday, February 27, 2009
xD That''s the peg! The hand is upside down :P
Collector1 - Friday, February 27, 2009 it just me or does the extra hand in the box look like it''s giving us the bird?

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