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Silverbolt Review

Transformers - Universe (Hasbro) - MicroMaster
Bought this guy off a trader on the Allspark for 25 bucks which was a steal compared to what I'd have to pay on sites like Amazon for one in this good a condition. The toy is an unaltered mold of the original Silverbolt released for the Beast Wars toyline and repainted in a color scheme that can only be described as the most Pimptastic paint job ever on a Transformer. Pimpbolt retains the gimmick from his original release. In beast mode, pulling back on this tail feathers would case his wings to turn inward and and the buttons protruding from them to be depressed against his shoulders and firing the feather missiles. The missiles are a pain to fit into the wings because they have to be angled just so precisely. But when fired, they have some impressive power behind them. In robot mode, the missiles can be held like swords. Now on to the sculpt. Silverbolt, as a fuzor, has a beast mode made of a combination of both a wolf and a hawk. His forelimbs are clearly talons while his hindlegs are those of a wolf. His beast mode mug is that of a ferocious, snarling wolf with fangs bared. The wings and tail feathers are impressivle detailed with the fade from red on the upper inner part of the wing to purple in the center and black on the ends done well enough to look very natural. The back is red with a silver spot in the middle similair to a Silverback Gorilla. Silverbolts robot mode had a wide upperbody and a backpack made of his beast modes back, tailfeathers and wings but remains very stable so no worries. The missile launching gimmick remains intact in this mode as well. The gem in his stomach is his spark crystal. Originally orange or red, is had been changed to clear with an Autobot faction symbol painted on. His head is almost werewolf like. Imagine Lon Chaney Jr.'s makeup from The Wolfman and then put on a winged face mask on it and you get a good idea of what it looks like. As the mold was first made in the mid-to late 90's, the articulation isn't perfect compared to more recent Transformers, but it is still enough to get some cool poses out of. The biggest problem is not with the toy itself, but its instructions which are incredible vauge and undetailed which leaves you guessing on how to get him into either mode when you first see it. But the transformation is not that difficult so it's only a minor annoyance but one that should never have occurred.

Over all, Universe Silverbolt gets five stars out of five.

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