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Ryu Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 1
Ryu stands 6 inches tall in his fashionably tattered clothing. I'm still not sure what the story is behind the ragged edges, I'm guessing it's to show how simple his way of life is or to show-off his experience. I'm not entirely sold on the head sculpt, partly because it doesn't look exactly like Ryu (I'd say around 90% accurate though) and partly because the head looks a little too small. This is most likely an optical illusion created by the gigantic hands and feet, lol. Yeah, the body is the same as Ken's, even the hands are the same, meaning they're interchangable so you can give Ryu Ken's "thumbs-up" and pointing hands, hah. Ryu comes along with a set of open and fisted hands, two heads (one passive, one raging, very bi-polar!), also a white hitch-hiking laundry-bag, which is a fun accessory no matter what figure it comes with. I wish it were functional like Sakura's backpack, but it still looks cool and he can actually sling it over his shoulder. No Hadoken-effect though, Bison's effect might be a suitable replacement, though it's way too dark. People keep telling me there's no feasible way to make the Hadoken effect stay in Ryu's open hands, but I think there might be a clever way to do it if lightning wrapped around his hands somehow, then that connected to the effect itself so it looks like it's in midair. Just a thought.

The shirt is a much bolder white than the pants for some reason, but they're both shaded similarly with light blue. The shirt is actually painted, I think it's a bad idea because inevitably it's going to chip off somewhere and cause an ugly imperfection. The Gi is already white, so why paint it? It has some paint slop in places too, it just seems unnecessary, but I think it was done because they didn't want un-naturally shiny unpainted white plastic. The entire figure is painted, in standard SOTA SF fashion, which adds a great feeling when holding the figure. It feels like a quality toy and helps you fork over the cash for it. The skin is shaded naturally, no ugly fake brown or orange tan. The attention to detail is always there, even the fingernails are painted correctly, and there's almost zero paint bleeding anywhere on the fig.

I can't believe I haven't seen paint-rub on any of these Street Fighter toys, it's ridiculous! What kind of paint is this that holds-up to such abuse in the joints!? You can't even scratch this paint, it's almost as if it's baked on, very smooth and solid like a soft candy shell.

All articulation is there, the elbows are only single-hinged though. Any pose you want to make you can probably do it, the "skirt" limits some of the forward leg-movement though.

The main reason I recommend these SOTA SF figures over the new NECA ones is for the simple reason that with these, you can have them battle all your other popular 6-inch scale Marvel and DC figures and they won't look out of place at all. I can't argue the price, these SOTA figs are starting to sell for as much as the $16 NECA ones, d'oh!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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