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Dr. Impossible Review

Dr. Impossible
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 6
One of the formulas used for naming a villain is to place the title of "Dr" before some kind of intangible, creepy, or just plain awesome-sounding thing. Dr Polaris, Dr Drakken, Dr Unrelentor, Dr Executor, Dr Evil Purple Unicorn. Yeah. Dr Impossible sounds alright. No one knows if he really is a doctor (not that it ever really matters). No one really knows who he is AT ALL. Current theories are; He used to be a common thug who found some Apokaliptic tech; Could be related to Mister Miracle (he has a serious grudge against the miracle-man); Could be a man-eating purple Unicorn in disguise.

Dr I stands almost 6.5 inches, he looks very tall, a bald head and high collar make him look bigger than he really is, a great attribute for a villain. The slimmer Black Manta base is smartly used and the paint apps are mostly acceptable, it's just so freaking annoying that the black circles on the purple are mostly off-center. Also, the yellow circles at the neck are painted crookedly at the edges, so they don't look like circles. The yellow there also doesn't match the yellow on the gloves because the glove-paint isn't thick enough. The deep-red cape is very flexible and drapes nicely enough, it's also shaded lightly. The design around the eyes is engraved while the rest of the head is blank. I like the expression on the face, it could convey almost every single emotion we have, except for happiness (probably has something to do with his teeth being purple lol). I'm glad the gloves are sculpted, makes him a little bit more different.

I was lucky enough (?) to get this figure with the recently-common DCUC problem of stuck hips. Lucky because now I can find-out what the problem is and tell everyone how to fix it. According to my careful observations, the barometric pressure drop, and the placement of the moon relative to the southern horizon, the pegs can't spin inside the crotch because the heads are too fat. I'll post a tutorial on my site soon of the fix. All other articulation is standard and worked great, except for a very loose waist (more easily-fixed than the hips).

I started off loving this figure, seeing it in the package, but now after I've looked closer, I'm just kinda "meh" about it, heh.

I doubt I'll be assembling Kalibak any time soon, so I'll comment on the right leg included in package for now. Basically, the sculpt is great but the paint apps are sloppy and ruin the whole thing. Kalibak's skin doesn't look furry, instead it looks like hundreds of claws have shredded it to ribbons, which is pretty awesome actually. There's a half-assed attempt to dry-brush to bring-out the detail. The paint on the foot doesn't match the paint on the ankle area, it's only off by maybe 1 shade but it's enough to be noticable.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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