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Harbinger Review

Crisis on Infinite Earths (DC Direct) - Series 1
Harbinger stands about 6.25 inches and is sooooooo pretty! This is one of the best female face-sculpts I've seen, it's just too bad she has a sculpted mask bits and that awful poofy hair, too much work for me to use for customs. This is really a fantastic figure, paint apps are flawless for the most part and the articulation is sturdy. My main complaint is that her stance pretty much forces you to use the stand included or else she'll fall over and cause all your other figures to suicide-dive off the shelf. Also, I hate the hair, it's clumsily painted and is actually a little sticky, yuk. The suit's colors are nice enough, but I wouldn't really buy this figure, only reason I have it is because someone wanted me to repaint it as a Green Lantern (it reminds me of Boodika for some reason, looks pretty cool!). I think you're going to have to be a completist or love this character to buy it, though it might not be a bad buy since I've seen it selling for as little as 3 bucks, hah. Anyway, the skirt is flexible so the V-cut legs can actually move, though I don't see what poses you could possibly put this figure in since the balance is wierd...maybe on all fours?...but that's just silly! The right hand pops off annoyingly easily and the peg is ribbed like the Mr Fantastic with extendable body parts. I think maybe she's supposed to have interchangeable hands...

Articulation is standard DC Direct; Head, shoulders, elbows, wrists (only the right one), hips, and knees. All joints move smoothly and stay in place securely.

No way I'd pay $15 for this, or whatever the price is near you for DCD figures. Try to find it somewhere a lot cheaper.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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