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Black Canary Review

Black Canary
Justice League of America (DC Direct) - Series 1
If any woman ever looked like this in real life, I'm pretty sure I'd die from a heart-attack, it's a beautiful figure! Though I honestly can't recall when Black Canary's face ever looked so cartoony lol. The lips might be a little too pouty (never heard anyone complain about that though).

Ms Lance stands about 6.25 inches tall, and I really don't know how she does it with those tiny-bum feet, hah! They look odd compared to the other AMPLE features of her body. Anyhoo, I'm not a fan of this mesh-legged costume, I liked her other grey/yellow Birds of Prey uniform a lot more, but whatevs, this looks cool too, full of attitude. The stockings are a little thick though. The hair has an awesome wind-swept effect, it limits head-movement a little though. Like most DCD figs, it's finely painted, no slop or anything, this is why you're paying so much for DC Direct figs, har har. The jacket is flexible and has a nice shape, the body-suit has sculpted seams to add a little detail. I'm glad the arms are in a cool pose, the jacket doesn't let the arms move much but at least they look ready for action. The small feet don't allow for much balanced-posing, so you'll probably end-up using the JLA stand included. It's a blandly-colored figure, but it looks good on display. The black parts are glossy so they look like tight latex, yum.

Articulation is limited, you can't get very many slick poses out of this figure. Head (limited), arms (swivel forward and back only), elbows, wrists, hips, and knees move. I'm surprised the stockings don't limit the knee-articulation.

I think this fig is worth the retail price, I've never heard anyone but me complain about it lol. On a side-note, this makes an excellent Rouge (X-Men) custom!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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