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Donna Troy Review

Donna Troy
Infinite Crisis (DC Direct) - Series 2
Donna everyone else, I thought she was a Star Trek character, and it turns out she was, it was one of her millions of past lives that she somehow remembers.

Donna stands about 6.5 inches tall, and unfortunately, as much as I like her design, I don't like this figure. The hips are the main problem, they jut out WAY too much and are SQUARE! WTF!? They're just horrible. The legs don't move much, a V-Cut would have been much nicer to have, it would have improved the appearance AND the articulation, I guess Donna here was the victim of a lazy monday morning meeting over at DC HQ.

"Hey guys, does this look funky to you?"
"Uh, much will it cost to fix it?"
"Like, nothing practically, all we have to do is call the factory and tell them to use a different generic female body..."
"Nah, screw that, let's get pizza instead!"

Yeah, that's what I imagine toy-company Execs to be like.

So anyway, Ms Troy has a bit more articulation than usual, but it doesn't help her stand any better. The high-heels don't contact enough ground to give her proper balance, so you'll need the stand. The elbow-joints are awful, they're bulky and ugly. The hands look a little too long but they look okay at second glance, even the fingernails are painted.
The bracelets and armbands are sculpted and painted a bright silver, like the boots and belt, which rests loosely around her hips and has an engraved symbol on the "buckle". The suit is engraved along the edges and is matte-black with silver spots, lol, seriously, it looks like black/silver leopard-print, not a starfield, oh well. At least the face is really pretty with those bright intelligent eyes, and the hair looks great! But it limits movement so much that she can't turn her head to the right. You just can't win with this figure!!!

Articulation is found at: Head (severely limited), shoulders, bicep swivel (yay!), elbows, wrists, legs, knees, boots. I normally love boot-articulation, but it doesn't help anything in this case. Also, the elbow, bicep, and knee joints feel like they're about to rip anytime I move them, blegh. The legs don't move forward or back much, but at least they move enough to put Donna is a relaxed sitting position with her legs out-stretched in front.

At a distance this figure looks good, but it's pretty flawed up-close. I don't understand how they can go through the trouble of even adding a nifty little charm on her choker and then give her monkey elbows and wonky hips. Madness!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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