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Hawkman Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 6
After my Wal Mart finally restocked on DC figures, I decided to start picking up this wave mostly because I had never owned toys of some of these characters. Hawkman is an impressive offering to say the very least. All the same articulation as most Male Bodies for this line, Hawkman's distinguishing feature is of course his wings which are attached to his back by a hinge and the wings themselves extend by a swivel. The feather detail on his wings is really impressive and the paint applications are done well on the whole body with no sloping or thin spots that I can see.

The hawk mask can not be removed, but I'm fine with that. His weapon assortment is a small sheild that can clip onto either hand, but is best for the right because the left hand is opened to hold his mace and dagger. The dagger fits into a loop on his belt for storage but the mace has nowhere to hange other than in Hawkman's left hand. The detail on the three weapons is great with kicks and cracks on the sheild and edge of the dagger making it look like they've seen their fair share of action and the mace...well it's kind of plain, but not bad looking. The grip for the hand isn't that great with the dagger and mace slipping around a lot. It's made of soft plastic so this can be fixed pretty easily but it's annoying.

All the joints are good and tight but not so tight that you have to break the toy to get it to bend. The chest peice is painted yellow which is very telling on the junction where the bands conjoin at the emeblem with tiny stress marks crack the paint. I wish they had used yellow rubber of plastic for it, but I take what I can get.

The Collect and Connect part that comes with Hawkman is Kalibak's right arm.

Over all, Hawkman gets four and a half stars.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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