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Kilowog Review

Green Lantern (DC Direct) - Series 1
I'm a little bit disappointed with this figure because it doesn't look like the prototype pictures. The actual figure is a lot more "bubbly", very smooth and round, while the prototype pic was a little more irratic in the muscle department and had a narrower head (the actual figure has a fat pig-like head lol). Oh well, it's a still an impressive figure for the retail price, can you believe I got mine for a dollar? @_@

You could destroy someone by bashing them over the head with this toy, it's so massive! 7.5 inches of drill-instructing terror! I can only imagine the kind of beast Arkillo is going to be when they make it! The body is matte-black and the green and white areas are glossy semi-metallic, the kind that looks like it has sparkles. I hate this sparkle crud, but it doesn't look as bad as some other applications I've seen, the shimmer is fairly muted so he doesn't look too much like a princess lol. The whole figure is painted (neatly too) which adds to the already considerable weight, the skin looks kinda chalky. The eyes look like pools of blood, very creepy. The power-ring is sculpted, but they forgot to paint the actual band, they only painted the symbol x_X Kilowog has a huge lantern included, most likely because he could crush any smaller lantern with a flick of his pinky; It can be carried in the left hand.

Intelligently, the joints are very tight, with the knees and elbows being click-joints for added support. The head can turn but not face up or down. The rest is basic articulation including ankles! The main thing that bugs me is that Kilowog doesn't have bicep swivels, but he can still wield the power-ring stylishly since the wrists can spin. No waist-swivel on this fig because there's no way to add it without ruining the sleekness of the figure.

Kilowog also comes with a cool clear-green Green Lantern-logo-base. He doesn't need it to stand though, the feet are big enough to balance him properly.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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