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Luke Skywalker Review

Luke Skywalker
Star Wars - Legacy Collection (Hasbro) - Blue / White Cards
Luke here is a pretty impressive figure. Having twelve points of articulation and an incredible sculpt allows for some great poses and play. Modeled after his apperance in the last movie in the series, Return of the Jedi, Luke is dressed in black with his right hand painted black to make it look like it's covered by a glove. The face is a fairly good mock-up of Mark Hamill though it looks older than it should.

He comes with two lightsabers. The first is the hilt itself which can be attached to his belt by a peg, though you really have to force it into the hole. The second lightsaber is the ignited weapon. The lightsaber can be held in either hand and even dual wielded which is awesome. His other accessories are a pair of goggles with actual transparent lenses and a showl, both of which stay on him firmly. My opinion is that he looks best when all geared up, but that's just me. His ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders are swivel hinges while his waist and wrists are swivels and neck is a ball joint.

Over all, this isn't a bad toy, I suggest picking him up if you got the spare cash.

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