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Superman (Blue Suit / Red Cape) (Chase) Review

Superman (Blue Suit / Red Cape) (Chase)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 6
I had been putting off this wave because when it first reached my backwater little corner of the world, they all had perhaps the sloppiest and most horrible paint applications I had ever seen in my life. After going out of stock and then being replenished, the ones on the shelves are much cleaner and look better so I decided to start grabbing them.

The Superman I picked up is the normal suit chase figure to the lines Black Suit Superman which keeps it in line with the previous Eradicator toy. Crossing my fingers for a Steel and Superboy figures! Anyway, his body is the basic male mold for the line with the necessary alterations made for his belt, boot tops and a unique head sculpt with the long hair seen on Superman after his resurrection and the better part of the 90's. Why it's described as a mullet I'm not sure because I've seen mullets and this, good sir, is no mullet. It doesn't scar the mind enough.

The head sculpt is what really demands the most attention as the body can be found on most any of the DCSH/DCUC figure's. It captures the likeness of Superman from that times with a bit of Sylvester Stallone thrown into the mix. Okay so it has a lot of Sylvester Stallone thrown into it. This makes my beliefe that Phil Jimenez rendition of Superman looks a heck of a lot like Stallone all the more hilarious. The paint is a little heavy in his left eye and there is a little bit of excess under his left hair bang but not enough to cry fowl.

The cape is also an interesting piece. Instead of reusing the billowing cape from the DCSH line, they created a new, smaller version with the S-Shield painted high and small on it. I don't blame them for making it smaller than normal because the capes design would have caused it to sink down into the folds. It's made of soft plastic and can be bent easily.

He comes with the right arm of Kalibak.

Over all, the chase version of Superman gets five stars out of five. A good toy and a good addition to ones collection.

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