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Supernova Review

52 (DC Direct)
Supernova stands in at about 6.75 inches of solid plastic. This thing is heavy for an average-build figure, and coupled with the wonky warped feet, makes him almost impossible to stand normally. It's a fine sculpt though, this is a great basic male design. Boots and gloves look good, they look like clothing instead of painted skin. There are grooves along the borders of the different colors on the body, which is...okay, lol (You'll forgive the lacklusterness of the review, I have no idea who this character is, I didn't read DC's 52! I'd be making witty comments about his alcoholism or something otherwise). I like the head-sculpt, even though it's a generic masked-head, it still manages to look bold, and intelligent even. The paint is flawless! the body and cape have a soft matte finish, but the gloves and boots annoy me because they're just molded in shiny red plastic.

The articulation is limited because there aren't many places to put it discreetly. Head (left-to-right only), shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and boots all move, very basic. The boots help balance the figure decently, the tight joints help too.

The wonky feet might just be a problem with my figure, so don't let that stop you from buying this. The base helps a ton too! I think the quality of this figure is worth the usual DC Direct price.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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