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Earth-Prime Superboy Review

Earth-Prime Superboy
Infinite Crisis (DC Direct) - Series 1
Super-Prime stands about 6.2 inches and I think is one of those figures worth the price-tag simply because of his major roles in current comics. This figure feels like a solid hunk of plastic, very sturdy, all that sculpted armor is very smooth and slick but it limits articulation severely in the elbows. You can't bend the arms much and you can't lift them higher than almost-straight-out-in-front because of the shoulder-armor. At least the metallic-blue armor contrasts pretty well with the flatter blue of the main suit. The muscle-sculpt is lithe but stout, the paint id great for the most part with very little bleeding at the base of the the yellow hoses. The flexible cape is tattered and speckled black to speckling, lol. The hoses are all flexible.

Articulation is found at: Head, shoulders, elbow, knee...THAT'S IT! Seriously! No fancy articulation here, DC went bare-bones. Not even the hands or waist turns...

Also, for the record, Superboy here has the stupidest haircut, someone get hm a comb! The themed bases most DC figures come with are cool because some of them are clear plastic, but they look kinda funky when you have many line displayed with different bases of different sizes.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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