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Shazam! Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 6
Advertised only under the name Shazam! due to the legal agreement with Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel is a fine figure. This is a good example of a major overhaul for the mold. While the upperarms and thighs remain the same, the forarms, upperbody, and feet are completly new. The head seems to be an attempt to replicate Alex Ross' design for Captain Marvel on a budget. The cape is really well done here. The cape is gold trimmed with four gold trimmed ribbons going down vertically on its left side painted in a shiny bronze. The cord that holds the cape to his body is the same shade of gold as the trim and gauntlets. It can't be moved as it's glue on.

The lightning bolt on his chest is really well painted but faded on his lower abdomin. The belt has a few small paintless spots but it can be fixed easily. The boots are my favorite part of this figure. The tops are folded down and lace going down from the shin to his toes which is a cool bit of detail. The gauntlets are also pretty cool, segemented into four parts, they have a classic feel to the design.

The articulation is all there. Swivel hinge shoulders and hips, swivel biceps, hands, waist, and thighs and hinged upperbody, knees, ankles and elbows and a ball jointed neck. The cape is so ridged and a portion of it is glued onto his back for extra support so he can't bend backward really well. The colors for the plastic remains fairly consistant between parts with minor shading done on his legs. He is balanced so you probably won't need a stand that badly.

Over all Captain Marvel gets four and a half stars out of five.

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