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Mr. Miracle Review

Mr. Miracle
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 6
Mr. Miracle! Just say that name to yourself like an old fashion circus barker and you will know why that name is awesome. He was also made by Jack "The King" Kirby which makes him doubly awesome. Mattel's been cranking out a lot of Fourth World characters with Mr. Miracle and the variant Doctor Immpossible toy as the latest examples.

Mr. Miracle has a great sculpt. While he shares the same basic male body with the other characters from the line, his unique elements really shine and are an accurate translation of the two dimensional artwork to a three dimensional action figure. The cape is something special. While it shares a similair design with the chase version of the Superman toy, it is much straighter, lacking the windblown look and has a raised cowl. The cape is hard as a rock down the middle, making it immpossible to bend his body backwards. The cape would work really well for a Dracula custom, something I may have to try out sometime. The soles of his boots are insane. They aren't just flat pieces of plastic but insanly detailed mechanical parts which just blew me away.

The flight discs attach to his feet by pegs and hold on really well so you don't have to worry about them just falling off. Another minor detail is a Mother Box cliped onto the back of his belt. You can take it off, but he can't hold it, so that's kind of dissapointing, but not something I'm going to cry over. The handcuffs are flexable and can fit onto most figure's forarms and stay on pretty well to Mr. Mircale. the cuffs are also really well detailed.

Paint is another highlight of this character. Red, green and yellow is the theme of the figure and it looks garishly lovely. There aren't any major slops that I've been able to find so, WOOHOO!

The head sculpt is something else on this guy. Superman has a look of warm strenght, Captain Marvel has a smiling cocky grin, Hawkman looks like he wants to smash your face in and Mr. Miracle looks urgent but focused on the task at hand. This is something that the Four Horsemen excel at, making belivable and human faces for figures that capture the essencce of the character.

Over all, Mr. Miracle gets five stars out of five.

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