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Autobo Ratchet Review

Autobo Ratchet
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Ratchet here was part of the second wave of Animated Deluxes and a pegwarmer in my area that never really appealed to me until recently when he became one of the best characters on the show in my opinion. So I grabbed him and was pleasantly surprised by his over all quality. Not the best toy in the line, but far from the worst. Like most deluxes from Animated, his transformation is simple but fun. He's got a surprisingly good amount of detail work on his body with the only real missing paint is from his head which I can just paint easily with some black on his cheeks and under his eyes.

The head is probably my favorite of the Animated line so far. His face clearly depicts a bot long in the tooth that has seen far more violence and bloodshed then anyone should have to. Scars cover his face and bags hang heavy under his eyes which is only accentuated by his arced brow and broken crest. With some of the paint applied where I previously mentioned, it would be magnificent!

Two flip out hooks that I guess are supposed to be his magnets are stored on the underside of his arms and can't seem to decided whether they want to stay in place or flip out against my will which is annoying. He also comes with a set of tools. A hammer, servo-wrench, comically oversized screw driver and what is either supposed to be a knife or a can opener. I'm going to go with can opener because it's funnier. They can attach to the junction where the bottom of the magnets meet his hands and can be stored in his backpack by a set of pegs. Unfortunately, they can't fit inside him in vehicle mode so be careful you don't loose them.

Over all, Ratchet is a good toy and a a great character so I give it a four and a half out of five.

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