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Autobot Jazz Review

Autobot Jazz
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
What can be said of the character of Jazz other than he kicks much skidplate. He's a jive talking, alien, robot, ninja, sports car. That it like...twelve different kinds of awesome right there! Jazz is the counterbalance to Sentinal Prime's ego, organophobia and specisim with his own laid back attitude and love affair with Earth culture.

Jazz has got a great car mode that's a fun update from his original G1 mode. The paint is minimal but well done with not run overs or smears. It's all relatively seamless and a tricky transformation is a great bonus. The only real hard part of it is getting it started with pulling the roof and rear end backwards and up but it goes much smoother from there. The roof and rear become his legs, the front becomes his chest with the head popping up from the hood and the car doors become his arms.

Stuffing the arms into the undercarriage to form the doors can be a pain, but with practice, it will become easier. The exhaust pipes on his arms/doors can be pulled out to make two pairs of nunchucks that fit snuggly in his hands but otherwise aren't all to impressive. The biggest flaw of the toy is the fact that it's white which makes it much more vulnerable to Photodegradation or "yellowing" in which the plastic turns color to yellow. The tricky thing about this is the fact that it happens at different rates for different parts of the body! Even a toy that has been kept in the dark since 1984 and just now removed would just be as likely to have yellowed as a brand new toy that has been bombarded with UV rays. There's no cure for this other than paint which can lead to tons of other problems down the line.

Still, Jazz is a great toy and a hearty recommendation for a collector or fan of the series or character. I give it four stars out of five.

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User Comments
wesr - Thursday, April 9, 2009
I didn''t really like his robot mode so i kept him in vehicle mode and stole his head and hands for other parts. I wish they''d find a way to stop yellowing. I''ve noticed that heat also causes yellowing for some reason on some parts.

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