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Grimlock Review

Transformers - Classics (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots, ultimate warrior and the love of Simon Furman's life, how can you go wrong with a updated version of his original G1 toy based in the original Marvel Comics continuity?! The answer it that you can't and I if you did you deserve a short, sharp lesson followed by a whole world of pain! Hasbro has created one of the best versions of everyone's favorite saurian so can I do no less than give my best review to date?

Grimlock's got a complex but down right fun transformation. Expect to get hung up when it comes to getting his arms in place until you figure out that the chest plate can spine and brings his left dino-mode leg into position for his right arm. He has two weapons, his bayonet blaster and whip which is formed from his tail. The whip is probably my favorite weapon to come with a Transformer in a long time. Each segment, four not counting the base, is individually articulated allowing for gentle curves or sharp bends. I would have died it they had included a sword for Grimlock, but I suppose the bayonet blaster is supposed to be a dual purpose weapon in that regards. The only complaint I have for this other wise awesome figure is the fact that the fist holes are too small to hold other Transformers weaponry which means that his own weapons can't be held by other Transformers.

Over all, Grimlock gets five star out of five. So folks, that's it, it's over, finished!

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