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Dieter Stark Review

Dieter Stark
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Humans - Series 1
The figure's color schemes does not match the movie at all but it does rather perfectly match the color scheme of the Human Hunter in the Lost World: Jurassic Park game for the PlayStation and that is a pretty neat occurrence. With this figure it is possible to reenact the human hunter levels for the game, and in a pretty good way I'd say. This is all in all a good figure. He comes with some great gear and features. He has a rocket launcher, a tranquilizer rifle and a Compsognathus.
The Rocket launcher and rifle fit well in his hands and do not needlessly fall out and even better he looks realistic when holding and aiming them. The rocket launcher (I always assumed it was as a kid) fits well in his hand and his tranquilizer rifle has as far as I can tell, a silencer (suppressor) and a scope. I inferred it was a tranquilizer rifle because of the pullback handle on the back of it, and the rifle bit is because it has a scope. The rifle does not really match Dieter's tranq gun in the movie but it does sort of match the gun in the game. Also the default (or primary depending on how good you were at the game) gun that this figure's rifle resembles was a tranquilizer rifle that sounded like it had a suppressor on it.
The compy that comes with him while also being standard feature for the figures of this line is also a reference to how he died in the film. It even comes with a interactive feature where by use of magnets it will 'attack' and stick to Dieter's neck. If you pull the arms of the figure away from the chest (raising the arm so that it is horizontal to the floor if the figure is in a standing vertical orientation and then pulling the arm(s) left or right and letting go) he will snap back and shake the compy lose.
Also he fits great in the JP vehicles I have tried him in, the Scientist's green car with the exploding hood and the Hunter's German All terrain jeep. A durable toy that I have had for years I heartily recommend getting one if the chance presents itself. Heck, get a whole squad of them and you'll have fodder for any occasion.

      by Dewski   Update Review

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