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Deadpool Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Hasbro) - Comic Series
This tiny deadpool really packs a punch, his size is the same as most star wars and gijoe figures so that means that you can really do a lot with him and loading him up with weapons shouldn't be hard. The figure itself has ball jointed hips and his articulation for such a small figure is really good, about the same if not better than some of the marvel legends we've gotten from Hasbro. The style of his costume is the more modern one that we see in the beloved series Cable V. Deadpool and the ongoing series Deadpool. The figure comes with a pistol, assault rifle, two swords, and a really lame over sized sai. That was a problem for me is this big ridiculous sai, because is too big to fit in his hands and look cool and there is no place for it on his body, really just a useless accessory, now I know what a lot of people were saying about the sheaths on the figures back being too high, yeah they are a bit high but its really nothing that should make you pass up this pint size prize, you could even do a little mod to it, have some fun! This figure overall is pretty good, due to its size, articulation, accessories except that infernal sai!, and its appearance. I recommend actually going out and buying this little sucker before he's off the shelves because we all know what happens when Deadpools are released.

      by necornaut   Update Review

User Comments
flawpunk - Sunday, April 19, 2009
Nicely said. I actually have a few of them and kept the sais for my larger ml style customs, they''re perfect and nicely detailed.

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