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Kilokhan Review

Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (Playmates)
Kilokhan is a military A.I. experiment thats gotten far to big for his britches. Know with the assistance of Malcolm Frink to create Mega Virus Monsters to destroy the world. Luckly for us Servo and the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad are here to save the day.

The figure comes on a standard card and bubble package. The card has a picture of the logo and Servo. The is some text about who Kilokhan is, the plot of the show, and the rest of the figures in the line.

The figure has a decent likeness of the character. Though all we ever really get to see of him is his head and sholders. In the show Kilos hands are coverd with cloth not gloves or feet.

Paint is good though the figure is molded from black plastic. So there is barley and paint just his eyes and several dots on his face. This represents when he talked those lights would randomly flash.

This whole line has very little articulation but ol Kilo is the worst. He has only 4 points and only two of them are any use. He has cut joints at the sholders and cut joints at his feet. That has to be the most useless articulation ever. At least he can actually point his gun at an enemy.

Kilo gets for assecories. He has a dagger (thats a reused mold from Rapheals sai). A whip, naginata (called a scepter), and a big four barreled gun (these as well are reused molds of weapons from TMNT).

After this whole review I bet you all think I hate this figure but thats not true. I love this figure and the wholl line, but incomparison to other offerings at the same moment these look bad. Put him with your turtles, Batmen, or Xmen and his short commings are more obvious. Expecially with the Xmen figures.

The show was based of the Japanese show Gridman. All scenes with Kilokhan were lifted from this with Tim Curry's voice was added in.

      by King Kaiju   Update Review

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