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Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier Review

Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier
G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) - Comic 2-Packs - Wave 5
Everybody knows who Destro is, that guy with the metal helmat with the scottish accent and was dating the Baroness. This version of Destro had a very diffrent outfit with a red cape and a golden helmet instead of the usual silver.

Destro comes with two weapons: a black snub nose pistol and a sabre. The pistol is pretty standard fair and fits in his left hand the best. I really like the saber on this guy. The handgaurd is made from silver plastic and the blade is painted gold. It fits best in his right hand. Both weapons have holders. For the pistol, a holster is sculpted onto his lower left thigh with a thing flap at the top that you have to lift up before putting the pistol in or taking it out, and a scabbard is attached to a belt to hold the sword.

On the figure's left shoulder are three black spikes made of some semi-ridged plastic. They're placed behind the head and shrink in size going from the closest to his head to the farthest away into a steady decline for a nice...uh, what's the word I'm looking for? Style? Design? Bah, whatever, it looks cool. I am in love with the upperbody on Destro. Not mentioning the cape that is drapped over his right side, he has a red undershirt sculpted into the v-neck of his suit which gives off a sense of nobility and villainy at the same time. I mean, come on, when has a good guy ever dressed like that?

Personally, I think the head would have been better just made of gold plastic instead of chromed gold because it tends to drown out some detail and will eventually peal and flake off. Still, I like his red eyes which just kick@$$. Another problem is that the right thigh on my Destro is cracked open a little along the middle like there was some flaw when the poured the plastic or something. Not sure if this applies to all the Destro figure's for this comic wave, but be wary.

I give Destro a soild four stars. Now onto the Iron Gernadier.

The Iron Gernadier is simple a black redeco (what is this, Transformers?) of the Battle Armor Corba Commander with a new head and weapons set and minorly retooled lower legs. The Iron Gernadier is also not a single character but part of Destro's private army so feel free to army build if you ever come across some individual packed Gernadier's or another set that has one.

Really, this is a good figure save some minor problem. One, the left hip feels a little too loose and the red paint on his mouth piece looks like it was just globbed on there and takes away some of the detail. The headsculpt itself looks good with a real Nazi helmet feel to it. The belt, sword and scabbard are the same as what you'd find on Destro but with the colors for the scabbard and sword inversed. Instead of a black scabbard, it's now gold along with the handgaurd and a silver blade. The other two weapons he comes with are a sub-machine gun and a weird red gun that I think is either supposed to be a laser gun or a gas gun. Weird. Over all, I give the Iron Gernadier a three star rating. I'd balance both scores out to make the pack about four and a half stars. A decent but with some good figure's but there are betters packs out there.

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