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Optimus Prime Review

Optimus Prime
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
I missed my chance to pick him and a few others up when they first came out by my Wal-Mart apparently found a hand full of them in the back I guess and put them out for sale. Not on clearance mind you, but at full price. Still, I picked up Optimus and Starscream because this would probably be my last chance to grab them under fifty bucks of the web. So, Optimus Prime is a good, solid toy with only some minor faults.

His vehicle mode is a truck cab of no really make or model. In the show, he has a number of trailers used to further the disguise but the most common is that of a fire engine. Still, it's a very vague form so it can be assumed it's a multi-purpose hauler. The back end of the vehicle mode is made up of a combined form of his axe and water gun that looks kind of odd but not neccassary for his vehicle mode, only providing a way to store them in that mode. The axe combines with the water gun via a large hole in the center of it.

Folding down the blades and bending down the handle sets it into a sort of hitch mode that enables you to attach it to Optimus in vehicle mode. The hinge's that connect the blades to the main body of the axe aren't that good and they tend to pop off easily. The axe itself looks pretty silly and unweildly to be an effective combat weapon or work tool. I much prefer the axe included with the Deluxe Class Cybertron Mode Prime. The water gun can be filled with water by removing a plug on the bottom of it and then pulling back the head of the gun.

The transformation from vehicle to robot is pure classical Optimus Prime. The sides of the cab are pulled out and folded forward to form the arms, the head is flipped up from the chest cavity and the rear of the truck form the legs. Maybe that's a little oversimplification of it though. An automorph feature is present to complete the leg transformation. Depressing a lever on his back will cause his legs to drop down and his crotch to spin into place. Usually. It's not the reliable so he my end up finishing it by hand. The robot mode looks good and has a really powerful build to it.

I'd give this version of Prime a four out of five.

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