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Soundwave Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
First of all I'm pretty easy going when it come to the various TF lines. Though I do prefer the toony animated feel of TFA figures and classics some of the movie design are in fact pretty cool. There were some gems in the first Movie wave of figures and I was hoping that Soundwave was going to be the begining of something good for the sequel. . . . I WAS WRONG!

Soundwave was the biggest waste of $13.00 (plus tax) that I have ever partook in. The figure is clunky short and is onlt good in botmode (and thats a far stretch). I am going to go thru the review in modes for this piece of $13.00 (plus tax) crud.


OK in the package he looks good and if you seen the back of the package he looks very detailed and a larger 6" scale figure. In actuality he has little detailing a poopy grey blue main theme and a very poorly done paint apps. The figure itself is stand under 5" and the only cool pose it can be placed in is the Hulk Hogan flex. His cape is very awkward and limits any type pf movement.

its not all bad though, his head is very G1 and does some justice. This mode is the most stable mode and actually this is the best of his "3" modes

Transform to Satellite-
Getting from bot to this mode is nothing short of torture. The instructions are very misleading and there are no pegs to stableize or make you feel like you got the piece set correctly. The legs constanly fall off and the pegs that are on the figure do not want to connect right. I had to force (I MEAN HULK STRENTH) to get these to connectand when it did connect the legs again popped off. It was liek taking one step forward and 3 back everytime I tried. The arms are another problem. They just sit under his arms likie an ape. Thats it they sit! At no point do they click or connect to let you know you did it right. And they tend to pop out and flop around while trying to do other parts.

Seriously at this point I was ready to chuck him across the room.

The face cover to hide SWs face is another mess that doesn't cover anything but look like a kleenex on SWs face.

Satellite Mode-
After finally getting him to sat mode (kinna) it looks like poop on a Ritz cracker. you cound get the exact same result facing his head down and flipping the cape out. It does resemble a satellite however and I guess thats what they were shooting for . . . . and speaking of that

The entire time you mess with SW the missile like to fire out at you and is in the way 90% of the time. Its very useless and aggrivating.

Transform to ship-

I don't even know if you call this a transform method. You spread the claws and turn his wings . . . . and thats it. . .

Ship Mode -
It a satellite placed flat down and suffers from the same probs as the Satellite. . . . nuff said!

Well thats my review, some of you may not like it but its the truth. I'm not saying that all the figure have this problem, It might have been just mine and I really hope so for everyones sake.

I give ROTF Soundwave 1/5 stars for having a semi classic head!

      by Shinobitron   Update Review

User Comments
wesr - Saturday, May 23, 2009
I might get a few of teh G1 characters if they''re close to G1 types like jazz was but Soundwave was the only one I really liked the robot form of. I hope walmart has him so i can at least look at him in th emorning.
Unknown User - Saturday, May 23, 2009
thats a shame! i hope the other figures from the movie are better!! i plan on spending some coin on Devastator!!
wesr - Saturday, May 23, 2009
Where''d you find him at? Guess i''ll have to go to new castle walmart early tomorrow to see x.x he was the only one i wanted too from the movie too:/

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