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Ransack Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Scout Class
I have to admit I was shocked to see a World War One biplane among all the other high tech vehicles in the toy line. He's modeled, pretty accurately, on the Fokker D III. This plane was used by the Red Baron. The articulation is pretty good as is the paintjob with the exception of the head for some reason which seems to be a bit muddied with the silver and red paints. I especially like the fact that his weapons are premounted on his forearms and that he has actual weapons where so much of the line seems to have ignored the need for guns. One gripe I have is that the lower wings don't fit as seemlessly as I think they could have having seen the tolerances on the other figures. He reminds me of a Decepticon Kup. His head sculpt is basic, slightly skull-like, with the plane's engine sitting on top of it. Overall this figure gets a 5 for being one of the nicer ones,being open to such interesting customs of WW1 variants, and for originality in showing how long the Transformers might have been around. I highly recommend him.

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