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Megatron Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Leader Class
So I was in Wal*Mart the other day and had some cash to burn, figured I pick up some more Revenge of the Fallen figures and broke down, picked up Leader Class Megatron. Let me tell you something: He's not that great. It's not a bad toy, just not that good. Megatron's alt mode is a Cybertronian tank which looks pretty impressive. It's a big, grey, hulking thing that looks like it crawled out of the mind of a mad scientist. A pair of what I'm guessing are jet thrusters are mounted on its back, which becomes his back in robot mode, and a massive turret mounts the top of the tank. When properly transformed, the turret is unmovable. A pair of wheels on each of the treds allow Megatron be to rolled about on the floor or table top pretty easily. Now on to robot mode.

Megatron's robot mode is big and bulky, no surprise as the transformation from robot to vehicle mode is just flipping his arms behind his back and folding his legs upward at the most basic. The defining bodily feature on old Megatron is his two arms. Yes, my god, a toy with two arms! How groundbreaking! Okay, snarkiness over, Megatron's left arm is a real thin, almost skelatal limb with a single hand with the third finger far longer than the other two. That arm has a swivel hinge joint at the shoulder and a hinge at the elbow/wrist and a final hing at the base of the long finger. The left hand is cast in black plastice. The right arm is a giant cannon with the only articulation being at the shoulder with a hinge and a swivel joint in the connection between the arm and body. Moving the cannon arm up and down causes a sound effect that I'm guessing is supposed to be indicative of it firing and causes L.E.D.'s in the chest and head to flash read, but moving it out to the side doesn't activate the effects. For added playvalue, a sword type weapon is attached on a hinge on his upper arm. Pulling back a black lever will cause the sword to flip out but for any real effect, you have to flip the base which the sword is attached to forward on a hinged arm. It also has a spring loaded missile with really pitiful range and no real power.

There is a lever with a raised bronze portion with a black Decepticon emblem painted on it that when pulled down will cause bits on Megatrons chest to move and his head to shake while the L.E.D's in his chest and head flash and he declares his name in a voice that doesn't sound a thing like the actor who voice him in the 2007 movie. But I can live with it. The body detailing here is great with a lot of minor detail that is sadly drowned out due to his mostly grey coloration but the black paint on the teeth makes it all better. The head sculpt is great and really accurate to the CGI Model. However, the toy was only based on concept art and isn't completely faithful to what will appear on screen, the arms being the, no pun intended, prime example. Also, a very simple transformation that is hindered by a poorly designed left leg detailing makes it nearly impossible to actually transform him properly. Originally, there was a small nub that was supposed to represent a visible bolt or something that would have to slide up under the hips for transformation to be possible but either I had a poorly poured hip joint or this is a common problem with the figure. I had to sand down the nub before I could properly transform him. Also, the need pads have a tendency to disconnect from the hinges they're on when I try to transform it.

Over all, this isn't a bad toy, but not a good toy either. Combining the flaws with the legs and kneecaps with the lack of animation model accuracy, I would really have to suggest waiting for the Voyager Class Megatron which is cheaper and more accurate to the upcoming movie. I can't really endorse dropping about fifty bucks on this guy.

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