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Sideways Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
One of the first Decepticon cars I've seen in the new movie line he isn't really much to write home about. His design is a generic sports care design that would easily blend in on a busy street. The articulation is about average as is the sculpting of his head. What I found disturbing is he's the same generic silver as Sideswipe. I'm not sure why but like most of the new line he suffers from a case of being very bland and begs for a paintjob if not a customization. The lack of weapons also bothers me it seems like every Transformer these days has integrated weapons and the days of guns that are handheld are long behind us. The good side is the quality of the mold is good. Very little flash, and no swirls in the plastic from poor blending of colors during the injection molding process. The pieces fit together well with no very wide seems. My figure did seem to not like to transform and the parts had to be exactly aligned, far more so than in previous series, but it is from over engineering than anything else. Overall the figure could have been so much better had they gotten a more interesting car like the new Charger or Challenger from Dodge. He seems almsot an after thought much like the later parts of the last movie series from the game.

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