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Unicron with Deadend Review

Unicron with Deadend
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Unicron Assortment
What can any Transformer fan say to Unicron finally being made. This figure was a reason to be happy and sad. Happy because it was nearly 20 years overdue but sad because of the features. Standing at about 18 inches tall he is a massive figure that dwarves most Generation 1 figures. The clear plastic parts are what got me as was the lack of articulation that was later fixed in Cybertron's Primus. The figure is top heavy, mine wanting to tip over in any given direction, and prone to having his chest pop open due to a missile missfire. The clear plastic and flashing lights were more gimmick than anything when people would have bought the figure anyways due to the character himself. The worst injustice to this figure is the fact he has no butt in planet mode. It is like they left him unfinished for some reason. Why they didn't make him totally planet shaped is beyond me, it is obvious that they could have done it since they did it with Primus. After seeing some of the prototypes floating around that are superior fanmade versions it seems that this figure was rather rushed. I can only hope that at some point the release a new one with superior details. This figure gets a 4.

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User Comments
glennwebman69 - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
After all the years since passed since the original movie I guess I credit them with trying but sometimes toys are best left to the imagination.

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