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Optimus Prime (War Within) Review

Optimus Prime (War Within)
Transformers - Titanium (Hasbro) - 6" Figures
I found this an interesting figure not having seen the newer Generation 1 comics and the new history of Optimus Prime. The figure features Optimus Prime right after he gained the matrix and stopped being a clerk named Optronix. The figure has issues with the knees not bending without being modified, the arms like to pop off, and the paint was badly applied to mine with it flaking in several spots. Like all the large titaniums it seems that the molding process wasn't perfected as there are gaps where the pieces are fitted together. It is in his cybertronian truck mode where he is at his best. It is a mode that slightly hints at Rodimus Prime's truck mode with the window design and curved front end. A trailer of some sort would have been a nice addition. The figure has a lot of promise for customizers who do not mind stripping it down and repainting it. The gun could use some work as it seems slightly out of scale. The hip joints on mine became loose and whenever someone walked past he wanted to tip to one side or the other. All of the problems with this figure are easily fixed and can greatly improve it with a minimum of work. This figure gets 3.5 stars.

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