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Rampage Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Got Rampage a few weeks ago when money was a bit more plentiful for me and seeing as how I'm down with a cough, figured I might as well pass the time with a few toy reviews. Rampage turns into a bulldozer, don't know what model as I'm not a construction vehicle buff, but I'm fairly certain it is indeed an actual model. It's really a wonderfully detailed figure. The drivers room is a block of translucent red plastic painted black which gives it some level of light pipping, something rarly seen in a toy's vehicle mode. The plow can be moved up and down some which uses the mech alive gimmick for the line with two pistons that will rise and fall in tune with the plow if a really finiky connector piece is in the proper place. The treads are made of actual rubber, but the wheels they are wrapped around don't actually work so movement is provided by wheels on the under carriage of Rampage.

Transforming Rampage from vehicle to robot mode and back is a really experience and don't expect the instructions to be much help as they aren't that clear. It is a really tough transformation the first few times. His "jackhammer mode" is really just an intermediate mode with his front legs still connected, backlegs still folded up as kibble and a connector piece attached to the front legs. It can't stand freely in this mode and his mechalive gimmick isn't that impressive. You can bounce him up and down with his legs springing back into place with the pistons being moved by the connector piece. Rampage's actual robot mode is rather like a centaur, with the backpack kibble turning into a pair of hindlegs. Aside from a swinging hinge, the front legs have no independent movement at the hips so that the mechalive gimmick can function. But the knees have a hinge swivel but you'll usually just keep the straight as it looks way to gangly any other way.

The arm's only have a swivel joint at the shoulders and no other articulation but the treads are used as a pair of whips in this mode, clasped between Rampage's claws so that makes up for it. He was intended to have lightpipping in his head, but the eyes have been painted black so that cancels whatever effect it had before hand. Overall, Rampage isn't a great toy but he's not the worst. Still, I'd advise picking up someone else from the line. I give Rampage three stars out of three.

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