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Starscream Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
Okay, this guy is a great toy straight up, no questions asked. Starscream transforms into a very accurate F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet covered in weird, Cybertronian Runes which makes up for his relatively bland body color. There is no firing missile gimmick in this mode and it's really a bare bones alt. mode which I really don't mind. I prefer minimal addition gimmicks, transforming being the preferred gimmick in fact. Starscream's transformation from fighter jet to robot is actually very complex and fun, but not overly hard. Breaking the mold from having most of his parts stuffed up under a jet plane's body, Starscream is similar to Transformers Animated Blurr, layer upon layer of robot mixed with a plane. There are a lot of subtle tricks to get a complete robot mode like two panels that should be pulled up just behind the cockpit and pulling down on his lower legs to extend them.

Screamer's robot mode is a real jem. His mechalive gimmick is that when his head is turned, gears in his chest spin. The rune tatoo's become less cluttered in robot mode as well. Starscream has a swivel hinge joint at his shoulders, elbows and hips. His wrists, feet and knee's are simple hinges while his thighs snf ankles are simple swivel joints. It all comes together really well with a very odd, alien form compounded by good articulation. His arm mounted missile launchers, while advertised on the packaging and instructions as flip out are in fact sculpted on, a sacrifice for cost cutting measures. Like Rampage, his eyes were intended to have lightpipping, but his eyes have been painted orange for some reason.

Overall, my only real complaint about the figure is the loose foot joints which at times makes standing Starscream difficult. Starscream gets four and a half stars out of five, a good buy and not something I regret.

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