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Megatron Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Leader Class
Having recently seen the Voyager class version of this figure I feel cheated. Much like the previous version of his leader class body this Megatron is low on articulation. The robot mode features some moving armor plates and a "I am Megatron" audio clip. The paint is rather bland and can stand to have some major reworking done to him. The tank mode is large and slightly awkward, being totally different looking than the Voyager version, and this mode too could use with some detailing work. I have to admit I mostly bought him for the tank mode as he is basically the same in robot mode aside from his arms, one of which is pathetically short and stubby. Having gotten him out of the package it is hard to believe he costs nearly as much as a Master Piece Transformer with half the details and quality. Mine has some gaps where parts don't fit well and even some areas that have nubs left from the trees the parts come out of the molding machines in. As with most of Hasbro's toys the grays aren't quite as solid as they could be with minor swirls of other colors in the plastic. While not the worst figure I have seen so far it is a pretty accurate representation of the movie line: bland, awkward to transform, and not nearly the quality that many of the recent TF lines have offered. The main cause of the awkwardness in transforming the figure, to me at least, is the size of it. It is a large and awkward figure in either mode. I'd have loved to have seen him be a triple changer as this tank form would have allowed another form to be incorporated very easily. Out of 5 stars Megs only gets 3. Hopefully Hasbro will learn from this before the next movie.

      by wesr   Update Review

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