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Cloud Strife (Fenrir Bike) Review

Cloud Strife (Fenrir Bike)
Final Fantasy VII (Play Arts) - Advent Children: Deluxe Figures
I skipped over the basic Cloud AC figure and went straight for the big boy. The Cloud included is the same as the basic one. He is moderately posable and is a fair representation of his CG form in the movie. He comes with a single sword, which is a bit of a disapointment as is the fact that the bike doesn't have a fold out rack to hold swords as a sort of display. The bike itself is the real star of this set. The bike is cast metal and plastic with rubber tires and working shocks. It is a very nice addition to any FF7 collection. Mine arrived with a piece broken but was easily fixed with some superglue and is barely noticable. The main side effect of this set as it's huge. The FF7 figures are already on the large side and this is no different aside from taking up room height wise you also have a foot long motorcycle. Like I said earlier I'd have liked to have seen more detail on the bike suck as some way for the sword rack seen in the movie that unfolds to appear either via unfolding or a way to hook it on. I would have also liked to have seen Cloud's goggles as an accessory and maybe a cellphone since that plays a part in the game (I swear it was a phone commercial tie-in). The other downside I have to this is the 70.00 price tag, I was lucky and someone got it for me on sale. I wish they'd produce these figures in the US so that the prices might be a tad bit lower. I give Cloud and his bike 5 out of 5.

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