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Sephiroth Review

Final Fantasy VII (Play Arts) - Advent Children: Vol 1
Possibly one of the more interesting bad guys in the last few years of videogaming. Sephiroth is a genetically engineered soldier who loses his mind and tries to destroy the planet with the remains of his mother. This is a large figure, larger than any of the other other FF 7 figures, as Sephiroth is like 6'6 or somthing in the game. He comes with multiple hands and his signature huge sword. The articulation is okay, as is with most playarts figures, and he is slightly different than the other versions of him Playarts has made. He is also one of the most expensive figures thanks to his popularity selling for up to $35. The sculpting is good and accurate thanks to what I assume is them using the CG models to machine the molds. All figures should have this quality though. I have yet to see a figure from Playarts with any loose parts, bad paint jobs, or major defects. I would like to see multiple heads maybe with different facial expressions such as one neutral and one combat. Having missed out on the 1997 bandai FF7 figures this is the next best (and better) thing. I give him a 5 out of 5.

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