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Tifa Lockheart Review

Tifa Lockheart
Final Fantasy VII (Play Arts) - Advent Children: Vol 1
Tifa's changed a lot since the game took place. Gone is the tank top and massive jugs. She now sports an odd outfit that seems trendy and a bit like it would look good at a rave. Personally I like the game style better and think she'd have looked better in that style. She comes with multiple hands including some with and without gloves. She is very posable compared to the other figures, or at least the only one I've tried to put into martial arts poses. As for customizability I wish I knew. My ex made off with my spare Tifa to "rescue" her from the x-acto knife. Once again I think that including some sort of accessories in addition to other hands would be interesting whether it is a materia or even a photo of her and Cloud. I also would have liked to have seen maybe one of the hands glowing or something to somehow tie it into her limit breaks from the game. All things considered I give this figure a 4 out of 5. The character design has gone too far from that of the game compared to the others and even the character herself seems to have changed.

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