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Starscream Review

Transformers - Cybertron (Hasbro) - Supreme Class
This is a monster of a figure. It represents Starscream's giant form in the Cybertron tv series. It is pretty well detailed, basically being just a blown up version of his normal cybertron form, and most of it is molded in color so paint is limited. The articulation isn't as good as it could have been compared to other Cybertron figures like Primus though. The crown is a nice touch and an interesting nod to the G1 starscream crown from the 1986 movie. Transforming the figure is pretty easy as it is a very basic figure when you get down to it. I would have liked them to have maybe gone a bit more over the top with the crown by adding the cape and shoulder pads G1 style. There are no weapons aside from those built into him. Again he would have benefited with more weaponry. The sculpting on his face is fair as is the paint. Surprisingly he doesn't have any other special features, or I haven't found them as I bought him used without instructions, that the other large Cybertron figure (Primus) features. Overall he is a good figure if you are a fan of Starscream and a must for those who collect large scale Transformers. I give him a 4 out of 5.

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