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Scrapmetal (Red) Review

Scrapmetal (Red)
Transformers - Cybertron (Hasbro) - Scout Class
I was fascinated by these little buggers in the show. Transformers that were barely sentient and were considered to be a pest like ants. Sadly the figure is as annoying to us as the Scrapmetals are to the Transformers. It seemed to be an after thought to make these figures. They are mostly molded in color, a red or the orange variant, with other colors thrown in. The articulation is sloppy thanks to the complicated transformation procedure and it is easy to get stuck transformering the figure if you aren't careful. The sculpt of the head is very basic and features the barest of paint jobs. You get no weapons aside from the tail weapon that flips out. The "vehicle" mode is the most interesting as it is some kind of 4 legged mecha. In the cartoon one of the characters rebuilds one into a power suit type thing and I really would have liked to have seen this made as a variant as it had a normal TF head on it and seemed to get more design time than the original figures. The joints on my figure were loose and made getting it to stay upright in robot mode a pain so in the end I kept it in the mecha form. I"m not sure what the point to the variant is considering they appeared in every color you can think of on the show unless the orange one was meant to be rare. The figure wasn't very common in this area but when it did show up it was a peg warmer. These figures could have been a lot better with a few more details and accessories. 2 stars out of 5.

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