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Astrotrain Review

Transformers - Classics (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Having never owned the original Astrotrain, or any triplechanger, I was happy when I heard they were making him. While not thrilled by the paint job it is a very good tribute to his G1 form. He has his robot form, a space shuttle form, and the train form. Thankfully he isn't a steam engine anymore. Never did understand why he was a steam engine anyhow when he could have at least picked a sleak 50's steam engine form. He is fairly easy to transform ocnce the instructions make sense. The sculpt on his head is good, looking like his G1 form, but the paint is rather bland. Overall the paint is the biggest letdown on this figure. He is molded in white with the most basic of paint applications. I would have liked to have seen maybe something more like his G1 colors or something more interesting. The only problem wiht him being a triple changer is deciding what form to display him in. His gun is another odd feature. It is dark purple and rather generic looking where as something a bit more interesting would have been nice. His tranformations are generally smooth although getting a few pieces to go where you want them can be a bit harder than you'd like. Overall it is a strong piece and shows why the Classics line (in any form) is worth them continuing to produce. I give him 4 out of 5.

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