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Barricade (Interrogator) Review

Barricade (Interrogator)
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Had some spare cash Thursday, shocking I know, and picked this guy up. Barricade is just a rerelease of the original mold for the character from the first movie. I would have prefered the Premium version of the mold that had frosted windows but I'll take what I can get. In place of a Frenzy minifigure from the original release, the gril can now be changed into the probes seen when Barricade attacked Sam. Simply lowering the front fender will cause the gril to be pushed out and can be removed. The probes are folded up behind the gril thanks to a double hinge on the side and a hinge in the middle of the arms. There is also a swivel joint were the arms meet the connection point with the double hinge joint. Also, the probe heads have a swivel joint. The probe arms can be deployed in either vehicle mode or mounted on his back between the car roof and the shoulder plates. Now onto the main man himself.

Barricade has an excellent head sculpt, brutal and savage in appearance. The eyes are light piped. The legs are crooked back at the ratchet jointed knees. The arms are very long, but that's not supprising when you consider that they are the sides of his vehicle mode mostly unaltered. The left hand has a punching gimmick. A button on the top of his forarm can be pulled back and release a catch making it extend quickly. The right arm lacks this for some reason. The car mode is accurate to the Saleen S281 Police Cruiser. The front end has a purple badge painted on both sides with the Decepticon symbol in the middle and the year 1865 under the symbol, a reference to Sector 7's date of creation I thin. On the backends is Barricade's motto: To Punish and Enslave. The transformation is rather tricky do to the double jointed knees which you have to get just right for the vehicle mode to really come together, other wise it's a fun transformation.

Overall, Interrogator Barricade gets four out of five stars. A good guy if you never got the mold in these color's.

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