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Maxx Review

Indie Spot Light (Shocker Toys)
Packaging: Like all of the figures in the line,there is not a lot to look at in the packaging, but there is a positive. Old-fashioned file cards. Nothing big, just a back story and character art, but it is nice to see the differentiation in the cards.

Another positive in the packaging is that the bubble-pack is only attached to the card by a couple pieces of tape, so if you like to keep the card, it is easy to remove the bubble-pack without damaging anything.

Appearance: This figure is wonderfully comic accurate. The sculpt is perfect for this figure, easily the best in the series. I have no complaints.

Also, the scale is perfect if you are displaying him with Marvel Legends, Legendary Comic Book Heroes, or DC Universe Classics. At his full height he is around 9 inches.

Articulation/Poseability: The Maxx figure has enough articulation to put him in nearly any pose. And most of the joints are subtle and hidden. Only a couple stand out. His ankle joints seem to fit a bit loose, and if he is not posed correctly, his hip joints can look rather awkward.

Accessories: The Maxx comes with four accessories. He has an alternate head so you can choose between his real world head and his Outback head (with headdress). He also comes with three Isz figures. They are well thought out and sculpted. The only negative with the Isz figures is that there are only three different sculpts, and since one comes with every other character in the series, you end up with three of each sculpt. A bit more variation would have been nice.

Overview: Overall, the Maxx figure is a very, very good one. I am happy to have it in my collection now.

      by BurchCustoms   Update Review

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