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Katchoo Review

Indie Spot Light (Shocker Toys)
Packaging: Like all of the figures in the line,there is not a lot to look at in the packaging, but there is a positive. Old-fashioned file cards. Nothing big, just a back story and character art, but it is nice to see the differentiation in the cards.

Another positive in the packaging is that the bubble-pack is only attached to the card by a couple pieces of tape, so if you like to keep the card, it is easy to remove the bubble-pack without damaging anything.

Appearance: Katchoo is really the weak point in this line, and not only because she is from a comic most people don't know. One major problem is that she doesn't look very much like her comic counterpart. Despite that, she is a pretty good sculpt from the waist up, but her pants are oddly shaped, especially in the hip area. Over all it makes her look a little misshapen.

As for scale, she can fit in well with the series and with other 6 inch figures, though she is a bit shorter than most other 6 inch scale women figures.

Articulation/Poseability: Katchoo's articulation ranges from well done to downright bizarre. Knees and elbows are doubly articulated. Her chest joint has great range of motion and is extremely well hidden. Her real problem areas are her hip joints (which have very limited range of motion and, again, they look awkward) and her waist. Her waist is a ball joint which means in many poses, she has a large gap between her upper and lower bodies. Her waist joint also easily seperates often leaving her in two pieces when posing.

Accessories: Katchoo only comes with two accessories. An Isz figure to display with the Maxx figure, and an extra hand to replace her gun holding hand. It would have been nice if they would have given her an open hand or just had the gun removable from her hand. Sadly, her extra hand is a fist just like her left hand.

Overview: A somewhat disappointing figure. It is easily the worst in the series, but it is still far from the worst figure I have ever handled. It is simply adequate.

      by BurchCustoms   Update Review

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