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Ra's al Ghul Review

Ra's al Ghul
Batman Begins (Mattel)
Ras is one of my fave bat villians.While in the movie this is just a decoy and not Ras Duccard is really him.Anyway this guy has a turning head arms go up and down cut ellbows turning waist legs move up and cut knees.He is quite detailed for a mass market figure its not fourhorsemen type of detail but it still looks like him.He has cool weapons too a nuchuck staff and a blade sort of weapon that when you hit the button on the top of it the sleath fires off.There cool but I also love the cloak the golden sticthing on the top is just flawless and my faveourite cloak for any figure.Overall if youre a fan of the movie or Ras or batman for that matter pick him up if you see him or the Duccard which is technacly Ras.Overall this is a great figure Thaks for reading!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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