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Batmobile Review

Batman (Mattel) - Vehicles
Ah the batmobile the ultimate car that everyone wants.There have been many versions in the car almost as much as its driver!It is vey large and wide perfect for your 6 inch figs.The Bat car is very detailed with bumps and line.You have to put the thins and turbo engine on.It also comes with an added bonus a batglider.It hooks right on and flipps off it has a clip on so you can attach it to the figures.Also a sort of side car comes out.You see there are too seats and one of the seats split and theres the side car.When you pull it out two grey wing sor of things flip out I think there guns.Also you can lock the side car in so it isnt falling out.But at times this can be a pain to unlock.At the front is a missile that can be fired.In the seats of the car it is very detailed it has a yellow bat like interior but it also has saftey belts which is cool too.One of faveourite versions in this bad boy.If you do see it and can get it then go for it.I mean of course there are other cool versions out there too! Thanks for reading

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

User Comments
BobTheEgg - Saturday, March 17, 2012
Oh yeah! This Batmobile's awesome.

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