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Joker Review

Dark Knight - Movie Masters (DC Direct) - Series 1
While I got this joker figure in a two pack with the dark knight batman and so it has no knife or evidence bag its the fig that really counts.He features 20 POA he has ball jointed neck cut shoulders turning hands cut thigh joints twisting knee joints bending knee joints and moving feet.He is vey detailed he looks like Heaths joker quite a bit maybe the hair could have been in a differnt style but it still looks good like this.His suit is also dead on right down to his shoes I think I prefer this type of suit in awy because its more modern.His face is detailed very well his face paint has some flesh showing like it should and his scaring is dead on too while the scars are shaped like a smile he is not smiling.The coulors here are his purple overcoat gloves and trouses green hair and innershirt grey shoes and some grey paint round his eyes red scars silver chain and flesh on the neck.Overall this is the best joker figure I own and might be the best I ever own.If you don't have it by now and you are able to pick him up do so you won't regret it!Thanks for reading!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Tuesday, July 14, 2009
if its anything like the single joker then he has ahinfge in his shoulder too

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