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Man-Bat Review

Batman - New Animated (Mattel)
I've always found man bat to be a cool bat villian.Man bat has off course been put into the batman cartoon series and this is the figure from it.He looks so much like his animated counterpart he is white with red eyes ears and nose he has gry trouses too.His sculpt is good it doesn't have to be a brilliant sculpt it just has to look like the guy in the show it does which is perfect.He has long arms which go out there are 2 tabs on the shoulders and you can make his arms move up and down like he is flying I supose not the best action feature but you don't need it to be.Now articulation is actually pretty good he has a ball jointed neck swivel shoulders move out up and down arms swivel at the ellbow bend too mid section chest moves up and down and also turns and the legs move up and down the hand tun around too.I'm glad that the toy company went the extra mile and added this articulation in to the figure 16 points by the way.Another cool thing is that his wing arent actually hard plastic but instead this flexible plastic which lets you fold his wings in and out I don't think any other versions have this so it makes this man bat unquie.Overall this man bat is very cool and I do recomen it if you like this guy I mean hes deffenatlly on my top 10 bat villian list.Thanks for reading! Also feel free to comment or ask quistions on any of the figures I've reviewed I've been lokking on this site for a while and some of the customs are just flawless I customize too but I havent got chance to upload any pictures yet but I will!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

User Comments
pock63 - Thursday, July 23, 2009
Wow that is a very cool loocking figure!

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